Conditions of Sale

In this document ‘Company’ means Photochemical Reactors Limited.

GENERAL- Unless changes are agreed in writing by a director, the provisions in this document represent the complete agreement of the sales and purchase of the specified goods and /or services. Printed conditions attached to customers’ orders forms are binding only in so far as they are not at variance with these terms and conditions.

ORDERS AND QUOTATIONS- The Company will not be bound by an order or quotation until it has issued formal written acceptance.

CANCELLATIONS OR AMENDMENT- the customer may not cancel or amend an order unless the Company has agreed in writing and on the terms which will indemnify the Company against any losses arising from such action. The Company may cancel an order without notice.
PRICES AND DISCOUNT- All prices and discount rates are subject to alteration without notice except where otherwise stated by the Company in writing.

DESCRIPTION- All technical information supplied by the company is subject to alteration and correction without notice and does not constitute a sale by description.

DELIVERY- Although the Company will make every effort to adhere to quoted delivery dates, these are no more then best estimates given in good faith and the company cannot be held liable for any damages or loss caused by late delivery irrespective of circumstances.

EXPORT LICENCE- Delivery is subject to the granting of all necessary export licences. The Company accepts no liability for any damage or loss resulting from delay in obtaining these licences.

DAMAGE OR SHORTAGE- Claims for damage or shortage must be reported in writing to the company and to the carriers within 5 days of delivery. Claims not so notified will not be acceptable. The company accepts no liability for damage or loss in transit.

TAXES AND DUTIES- The customer is liable for all taxes and duties levied on the goods to be purchased.

PAYMENTS- All payments are subject to the terms stated on the terms stated on the order acknowledgment. These terms are normally 30 days from the invoice date, or payment in advance for Service Level Agreements, (UK Sales) and payment against and irrevocable letter of credit confirmed through a London bank (foreign sales). Claims against product performance do not constitute grounds for the refusal, reduction or delay of payment. The company reserves the right to levy interest on overdue accounts at a rate of 5% above Barclays Bank PLC UK base rate.

TITLE AND INSURANCE- Until the payment is received, the title to the goods will remain the Company and the customer agrees to store the goods in such a way that they are identifiable as the property of the Company. Responsibility for all loss or damage to the goods from the date of delivery will be with the customer.

INSTALLATION- When the company is contracted to provide installation, it is the responsibility of the customer, at his expense, to prepare the site environmentally and to comply with all recommendations made by the Company concerning the site. The Customer must provide all services that are required to ensure that the installation proceeds without delay. The customer must provide tools and labour to uncrate the equipment and move it to its location.
WARRANTY- the Company will repair of replace, at its option and without charge, any of its products which prove to be defective within one year from the despatch provided  that (a) they have not been misused or structurally modified and (b) they are returned carriage paid and (c) payment terms have been complied with by the purchaser and (d) and claim is made within 15 days of the discovery of the fault. In the case of branded goods not of its own manufacture, the company will pass on to the customer the benefit of any guarantee. In the case of systems installations where the produce is part of a fixed in-situ installation and it is impossible to return separately, the Company will dispatch and engineer to the site. The Company will make no charge for the cost of materials or labour time but will at its discretion charge travelling and subsistence expenses incurred by the Company’s representative. If goods are to be returned to the Company, they must be properly packed, despatched and insured by the customer and at the customer’s expense. The Company will return the goods free of charge. All warranties whether expressed or implied are hereby excluded.

AFTERSALES SUPPORT- Aftersales support by telephone, email and fax is provided by the Company and is free of charge. Replacement of consumables parts will be charged for by the Company but, where these are not manufactured by the company, the customer may purchase parts directly from the manufacturer, as advised by the Company. The Company must be contacted for the repair or replacement of non-consumable parts and this service is chargeable outside of the warranty period. On-site service and repairs must be performed by qualified engineers of the Company. On-site visits outside of the warranty period are chargeable. Where the on-site visit falls within a period covered by a customer service contract, the changes will be in accordance with the terms of that service contract.

DESIGN RIGHTS- The Company retains full ownership of all literature, specifications, quotations, design, drawings and copyright. All drawings, specifications or manuals issued by the Company are copyright and confidential. The Company’s prior written consent is required before any material is reproduced or divulged to a third party.      

APPLICABLE LAWS- This contract shall operate and be construed as an English Contract on conformity with English law and subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.